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Episode 5: Sam Snead with a Hormone Problem

Like most Floridians, golf was a frequent pastime of The Golden Girls. Beyond just the golf dates they went on with boyfriends during the course of the show, there was also the time they dressed in drag to sneak into a golf club to meet Mr. Bob Hope, a legend of the game himself. We'll also talk about the career of the great Sam Snead, whose name was referenced during the Bob Hope episode.

Episode 4: This Isn't an Ordinary Hockey Stick

Hockey is my primary sport as a fan and this is the only shot I'll get to talk about the sport in this podcast. A Golden Girls garage sale and a hockey stick that Dorothy won't sell means talking about Bobby Hull. And talking about Bobby Hull means talking about highlight reel plays and records right alongside all of the shitty things he's done in his life like spousal abuse, Nazi sympathizing, racism and generally acknowledged regrettable parenting.

Episode 3: Coach Rose, Am I an X or an O?

Our first feature episode is all about the one-and-only Betty White, whose life mirrors the very evolution of the medium of television. From her childhood in Hollywood to her many hits before The Golden Girls and her continuing career after it, we'll recall and celebrate her incredible career. But first, we'll analyze a Golden Girls episode in which Rose and Dorothy coach a youth football team, leading us to notes about Dwight Eisenhower, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Billy Barty and Benito Mussolini.

Episode 2: A Dark Day in Brooklyn

Sophia still follows the Dodgers 30 years after they left Brooklyn, but before Tommy Lasorda slimmed down with Slim-Fast. We also talk about estimable actress Nan Martin, who guested on two Golden Girls episodes, and Sid Melton, who played Sophia's deceased husband Salvidore and represented his hometown of Brooklyn in a long career in Hollywood.