Episode 16: I’d put you about even with John McEnroe

Episode 16: I’d put you about even with John McEnroe


Welcome to Season Three. We have a very varied set of sports jokes to get to this time (one set is even topical for the current sports landscape!) and I figured I'd start with an episode centered around tennis and a bunch of other tennis gags.

I'll let the episode mostly speak for itself but I will say that I learned a ton in the process of writing it. Anne Francis's entire career, John McEnroe's accomplishments, tennis's origins, Leslie Nielsen's time as the King of France (seriously), the history of arm wrestling... all were mostly totally unknown to me before this and I'm glad I'm aware of them now.

I'll also admit that the Over The Top mention is totally gratuitous. But even after 20-something years, when I think about arm wrestling, that's the first thing I think about. So blame Sly Stallone and Sammy Hagar.


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Oginiland by U.S. Army Blues

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Volksing Ferretismico by Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band

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