Episode 18: She Is Not Playing with a Full Set of Bocce Balls

Episode 18: She Is Not Playing with a Full Set of Bocce Balls


I've been looking forward to doing this episode for a while because The Competition is kind of a forgotten early episode of the show that illustrates just how ingrained sports jokes are to The Golden Girls.  The dialog is no natural and funny that you don't even realize they're making them.

The reason for waiting was to spread out the sport-centric episodes throughout this series. I was also looking forward to learning more about bocce, a game near and dear to all Italians hearts, especially as those hearts advance towards old age. I guess old guys love bocce because it's a sport that requires skill, but not the physical exertion of, say, basketball. Also, it can be played in a vineyard, which is a huge plus for a lot of paesans.

I can't believe I forgot to mention that Ralph Manza was also on Seinfeld, and played the shopkeeper who sells Jerry the Cigar Store Indian that he gives Elaine in front of her Native American friend. Manza was very much a "That Guy," who seems like he's been on everything because he has even if you can't always remember as who.

Alex Rocco will always be remembered as Jo's dad on The Facts of Life, at least by people around my age, even after they see The Godfather. Finding out he was a real life hood before he became an actor gives both Charlie Polnaiczek and Mo Greene a whole new context.

Lee Majors will always be remembered as The Six Million Dollar Man. But now I can't stop wondering what out world would have been like had he played the rebuilt Steve Austin. With those bionic body parts, it probably wouldn't have been wise to take that later job as a lifeguard. Better have some of Rosie's Bounty paper towels handy.


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I'm Not Nervous by Square People

Do the Jelly Donut by Johnnie Bismarck and the Fillings

As I Figure by Kevin MacLeod

Shopping List by Komiku

Ambiant Wait by Komiku

I. Gnomus Vivo by Skidmore College Orchestra

Bayou Farewell by U.S. Army Blues

Episode 19: Take me out to the ballgame, Stanley

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Golden Girls Sports is now on iHeart Radio

Golden Girls Sports is now on iHeart Radio