Episode 22: The Training Room, the Whirlpool, the Adhesive Tape...

Episode 22: The Training Room, the Whirlpool, the Adhesive Tape...


Note: I don't know how Episode 22 was posted twice this morning. There was only one in there when I scheduled it to post. I'll speak with my hosting platform, but I'll leave them both up for now to not mess with anyone's downloads. Sorry for any confusion.

This Season Three finale is more about TV trivia than sports, and actually started out as part of an earlier episode before becoming a stand-alone episode and spawning a spin-off of its own. It's like the Empty Nest of Golden Girls Sports.

I was going to use all of these sports and relationship jokes in Episode 12, when we talked about Blanche's cheerleading life. But the relationship stuff was getting too long and there was enough cheerleading stuff to carry a full episode, so I cut it. When I got around to finally doing the relationships episode, I included a section on the history of pro sports in Florida. Then that got too long, so I cut it, too.

That stuff will be used for a mini-episode to be run during our hiatus between Seasons 3 and 4. And I have another mini-episode planned for that break, too.

Thanks again for listening and following Golden Girls Sports. Please subscribe so you don't miss Season 4 when it premieres later this summer. We've already gone over 120-plus sports references from the show and we have plenty more on the horizon, plus a few surprises. 


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