Episode 19: Take me out to the ballgame, Stanley

Episode 19: Take me out to the ballgame, Stanley


I'd be lying if I didn't say I was greatly looking forward to this episode. Stan is that rare recurring guest star that never gets old, and Herb Edelman, who as we see had an incredibly varied career, was as much a professional as the rest of The Golden Girls cast. Their interplay with him - not just for Bea Arthur but for all of them - was as perfectly timed as any other jokes on the show. I love how Blanche and Rose came to be as irritated with him as Dorothy and Sophia in just a fraction of the time.

I probably could have gone into even more detail about a lot of the shows he was on, but then the episode would have been even longer. I had never heard of The Nice Guys and Big John, Little John before doing this, and they seemed like the biggest shows he was on regularly before The Golden Girls. I wish I could learn more about that guest star circuit of the 70's and 80's because it seems like everyone did the same shows for an entire decade. That's crazy.

Much like his TV ex-wife, I was surprised that there wasn't a book written by or about Herb Edelman, but I guess for a true character actor, who was even more of an "everyman" than the long-standing paragons of the phrase like Jack Lemmon and Henry Fonda - a memoir would have seemed too ostentatious. Such a shame, though. 

It was also fun to poke into the history of Sports Illustrated because, let's face it, Stan is exactly the kind of guy who would have a subscription and give the free gifts out to others. SI still does some great work, even if the print version is more associated with doctors offices than living rooms these days and the Swimsuit Issue is the only one that still sells copies. My favorite writer there is Alex Prewitt, who writes great, in-depth stories about people and places around hockey. For an often forgotten sport, he's the kind of marvelous storyteller that's really rare and appreciated in our social media-driven world.


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