Episode 25: Faster than CBS Dumped Jimmy the Greek

Episode 25: Faster than CBS Dumped Jimmy the Greek


This was one of a couple of episodes this season that I had been looking forward to doing. I remember the Jimmy the Greek scandal from when I was growing up, but didn't know much about his background or the gravity of what he said that, essentially, torpedoed his career.

The ESPN 30-for-30 film The Legend of Jimmy the Greek sheds a lot of light on what kind of person Snyder was and what led up to his downfall. Even to a lot of his friends, Snyder could be difficult, childish and selfish. What said was certainly ignorant and insensitive and offensive and horrible. But they believe it was not the work of a racist person. In the end, it didn't matter. Saying what he said is gonna get you fired every time, as it should.

I also got to find out more about Phyllis George, who's main crime seems to have been being pretty and bland on TV. As many strides as women sports broadcasters have made since that time, I could never deal with the garbage they have to take on a daily basis just to do their jobs. How any of them stay on Twitter - the most volcanic, disgusting, non-stop waterfall of raw, rotting human sewage on Earth - I have no idea.

I used to find Bob Costas irritating, but now I find his lack of giving a shit kind of endearing. I hope that doesn't mean I'm becoming old. Or worse, a Cardinals fan.


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