Episode 28: I just hope I'm not carrying Steve Garvey's baby.

Episode 28: I just hope I'm not carrying Steve Garvey's baby.


When I looked back at how many references I used for this episode, I kinda shocked myself. I didn't realize this one was so packed, but I think it turned out to be one of the most dense shows of the entire series.

Like I say in the outro, I had absolutely no idea what the "Steve Garvey's baby" line was referring to and was flabbergasted by what I read. The fact that it's mostly been forgotten is a testament to how much things have changed since social media has become a thing in sports. I can't imagine being a sports fan without using Twitter for real time updates all day everyday. But if that exact scandal had happened to a player today, he'd never hear the end of it, and the aftermath would live online forever on a million sites probably all derisively named after him. In a way, Steve Garvey was lucky.

George Clooney was also lucky. Without that Golden Girls gig, he would have lost his health insurance and god knows what could have happened to him then. We might have had one less Batman.

Like Harold Gould, I loved exploring the career of Joseph Campanella, who I probably didn't do justice to in the short time I talked about him. I can't believe he was the Lizard on Spider-Man. Those are the kinds of things I'd never learn without this.


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The Whistler and His Dog by Arthur Pryors Band


CHASIN' IT by Jason Shaw

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Slow Burn by Kevin MacLeod

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Episode 29: I’m too short to play Jai-Alai

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