Episode 32: The Fancyman and I are Going to the Dog Track

Episode 32: The Fancyman and I are Going to the Dog Track


We’re in the home stretch now.

That’s a dog racing joke.

I considered re-recording the ending to the previous show (Episode 31) but in the end decided to leave it because the final two episodes both focus on the same sport with different Golden Girls elements around it. As with the two mop-up episodes prior to this, I expected to do this in one shot. When I realized it would end up being two, I had to decided whether to change things, but in the end, it still seemed to work so I left it.

Dog racing has a fascinating and often brutal history, and I hope I covered enough of it. Having not lived in Florida, I can’t say the sport was ever much on my radar beyond, “They like that down south” and “how does this still exist?” But reading about it took time because of both the sheer volume and the sometimes unbelievable In our next episode, we’ll discuss a lot of the problems with dog racing, including legal, moral and medical concerns.

As far as Coco goes, his one appearance on The Golden Girls will forever live in sitcom infamy. I’m sure Charles Levin didn’t think so at the time, but that’s how it turned out.

One thing we’ll never know is where Coco’s room would have been in the house on Richmond Street, which already looked like it couldn’t fit the four ladies we saw live there. Maybe he would have lived on the lanai with the Crow Man that landed there in Season Three’s “The Housekeeper.”

Be well, Coco, wherever you went.


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