Episode 31: More Winners Than Willie Shoemaker

Episode 31: More Winners Than Willie Shoemaker


Yes, the sports jokes I missed were enough to fill two episodes. I am ashamed.

As I say at the end, my promotion of this podcast was severely lacking, so I'm thankful for anyone who managed to find it.

At some point, someone found this website by searching for the phrase "Randy 'Mr. Ditch' Becker," and I assume they were hunting for information on "Rose: Portrait of a Woman," the episode we spoke about here. Or they were just big Tom Villard fans.

In any case, this episode is dedicated to you, Mister or Miss Randy Becker searcher. I hope you find this post and the answers you're looking for.

I remember Tom Villard from We Got It Made, a show I watched when I was a kid. And when I say, "watched" I mean it because I had a huge crush on Teri Copley, the star of that sitcom. I kinda remember her being positioned as a Marilyn Monroe for the 80's, but that... didn't happen.

Villard and Matt McCoy went on to pop up a lot over the years (the latter still does), but Copley's show business career didn't last long. I saw her on Dr. Phil a year or two ago talking about some family trouble she was going through, and it was like worlds colliding. I had to explain to my wife that I knew this lady and that pre-pubescent me had a major crush on her. All of those old memories came flooding back. That usually doesn't happen whenever we watch Dr. Phil, which is basically on as background noise while we're both working. It was pretty surreal.

None of that has anything to do with The Golden Girls, but I figured this was the place to mention it anyway.

Enjoy this week's podcast!


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I. Gnomus Vivo by Skidmore College Orchestra

Weapons Expo (downbeat reggae) by Keshco

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Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon

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