Episode 27: How About An Ex-Race Car Driver?

Episode 27: How About An Ex-Race Car Driver?


We're getting to the end of the line for this podcast, but I'm a little sad that the feature episode portion is over after this one. Deep diving into the careers of the people who made The Golden Girls what it was has been a fascinating ride. I wish I had more time to look up more old shows and movies (and in the case of most of this cast, Broadway shows)

Harold Gould has always been a favorite of mine, going back to The Sting and Silent Movie. I always thought he was a bigger star, because he just seemed to have that air about him. Turns out, he seems to have thought of himself as more of a character actor, even though he spent roughly 100 years on stage or in front of a camera.

He said himself that he liked having variety in his career and he sure as hell achieved that. Gould was another actor connected to the Golden Girls that was a unique talent we'll likely never see again.

The same goes for Paul Newman, who's my all time favorite actor. I mean this with the utmost respect and admiration: no one played a better, more despicable -and yet more likable - collection of assholes than he did. There's an incredible amount of risk in that, but not only did he excel with those roles, but he was beloved for them. Compare that to today's actors, who generally prefer to play heroes for the majority of their roles and maybe play one or two villains for their entire career. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it just illustrates how exciting Newman's choices were.

And that's just in his acting. Then there was the directing and the charity work and the racing and the salad dressing. Man, do I miss him.


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