A final tally and many Thank You's

A final tally and many Thank You's

The final episode as been posted and the Golden Girls Sports podcast series is at an end. After recording that outro in Episode 33, I realized I forgot a lot of what I wanted to say, so here it is.

Once again, thank you for listening and downloading and following and reading and generally paying attention to this crazy thing. I can’t tell you how much appreciate it.

The final tally of references covered on the show surprised even me. Over 33 episodes and two minisodes, we went through 194 sports jokes and mentions from 180 episodes of The Golden Girls.

When I started, I had under 100 jokes that I knew about. I figured that once I got rolling, I’d find enough to get over the three digit mark. I never thought we’d approach 200, including a lot that went right over my head in episodes that I had noted already. As you can see from the outline below, each season increased in the number of sports references.

It wasn’t always a smooth ride, but we got to the end and I’m proud of the final result.

Obviously, this podcast wouldn’t exist without The Golden Girls, rightfully respected as one of the greatest TV shows ever produced. The talent in front and behind the camera is still staggering to this day, and we’re all lucky to have it in our lives.

I couldn’t have done this without the work of journalist Jim Colucci, who wrote Golden Girls Forever, the definitive book about the show available today. He also has a blog, and a post from it was used for the final episode about The Golden Palace. Later, I found out he did the Rue McClanahan interview for EmmyTVLegends.com, too. He doesn’t know me, but he was my most trusted source for all things Golden Girls throughout this series. Thank you, Jim.

I also want to thank my friends for giving this a listen and providing me with invaluable advice in the early going. “Please listen to my podcast” is the new “Please come watch my band.” I tried not to be a pain-in-the-ass about it, but I appreciate their support and friendship.

And finally I need to thank my wife for not only supporting me and giving me the space to do this, but for rekindling my love for The Golden Girls and for making it one of the many things we share together.

I don’t think couples need to enjoy the exact same things, but I believe that they should respect what the other loves because it’s a part of who they are. If there’s some overlap, it’s even better.

She and I love The Golden Girls and Halloween season and Ghostbusters, among many other things. She likes yogurt and Broadway shows, I like heavy metal, comic books, Star Wars and football. But we give each other the space to enjoy those differences, even if we don’t get them. I love her more and more every day (even if yogurt makes me want to gag).

So, that’ll do it. Like I said at the end of the last episode, the shows aren’t going anywhere, so please spread the word if you can. It’s a weird podcast, but I think it has something for everyone and is a different way of looking at both sports history and one of the most classic TV shows of all time.

That was my goal and I’m glad to say I crossed the finish line in good time.


Episode 0: The Man is a Scuzzball

Season One (30 references)

  1. Kid pepe/Golden Boy (1939) (fiddler) /Who am I joe frazier (nothing to fear)/ rinkside seats (sisters & strangers)/Mike Tyson (blind date)/tyson fight (sophia’s choice). Frasier nose (Ma makes three)

  2. Lasorda/ Dodgers moving out (Mothers day)/Lasorda fat joke (blanche’s little girl)/Integration of baseball (Have no havanas)/Dodgers Beer Night/ Dodgers dead people (accurate conception)/National velvet

  3. Rose football (blind date) - feature

  4. Lilly track star/Bobby Hull (blind ambitions)

  5. Sam Snead/Bob Hope (gotta have hope) /bob hope special (scared straight)/Rose tennis skirt-Dorothy dates golfing (triangle/ma makes three)/How does team look (twice in a lifetime)/ Bea - man complaints/ golf club (rose portrait) - adddendum

  6. Bull durham - feature

  7. Football kid fail (feelings) /Marcus Allen (Family Affair)/Dick Butkus (we’re outta here)/Merlin Olsen (sophia’s wedding)/ TE god go deep (comedy of errors)

    Season Two (43)

  8. Rose ice skating/log rolling (illegit/sonny & cher & way we met)/skating rink (ma makes 3)/PR ice skating (clinton ave)/canadian on skates (Q&A)/Jesse Owens (No lady)/jim thorpe (very little christmas)/Gowhackanoggin (bang the drum)/

  9. Colts-Jets (big daddy)/joe namath (larceny old lace)//John Madden (whose face)/She's at the 50, 40, 30/ athletes foot (Strange bedfellows)/traded to the Rams (great expectations)

  10. Sophia walkathon (there was one) - feature. One tennis lesson (mrs g devereaux)/Wimbledon (one flew 2)/good at sports (sisters)/

  11. Detroit Marathon/50 yard dash (Larceny)/Jogging dress code (love me tender)/fitness (mixed blessing)/Track coach (all bets)/exercise bike (look me over)/Tour de France (Libertine Belle)

  12. Cheerleading - Blanche (feelings, mothers day, triangle)/dorothy mascot (where’s charlie)/Rose fight song (big daddy little lady)/

  13. Dorothy betting horses (all bets) - feature

  14. Sal betting (sophia’s wedding)/Young Sal-Dorothy track (clinton ave)/The track with michael (family affair)/Club House turn (Feelings)/Hialeah (older wiser)/track with Alma (blanche younger man)

  15. Workout/P-F Flyers (rites of spring. Clip show)/Blanche aerobics class (family affair)/Jazzercize (younger man/the audit)/Jane Fonda (tennis)/mother teresa workout (there was one)

Season Three (54)

  1. Tennis with Trudy/arm wrestling (till death)/Sophia tennis wear (family affair)/mcenroe (pres is coming)/blanche tennis (clinton ave and great expectations)/Attica tennis (the auction)/shady pines (older wiser)/lucas tennis (one flew)

  2. Olympics II: Luge (problem like sophia, blanche delivers)/skeet shooting (blanche delivers)/thrill of victory (rose the prude)/1964 tokyo olympics (older wiser)/Mary Lou Retton (job hunting)

  3. Bowling league/bocci (the competition)/gym teacher + bowling shoes (that was no lady)/Sophia bowling (scared straight)/midget ice bowling (till death)/bocci (great expectations)/full set of bocci balls (long day’s journey)/bowling ball bag (home again, rose)

  4. Stan baseball game (bang the drum)/wrestling & basketball (stan who dinner)/sports illustrated (very little christmas/stan takes wife) - feature.

  5. Black players nba (my brother)/aerobics instructor & 6-7 American Basketball player(love for sale)/Who are you Magic Johnson? (little sven)/Magic Johnson (scared straight)/basketball coach & Kareem w/o goggles (forgive me father)/Boston Celtics (little romance)/NBA-Rehab (high anxiety)

  6. Arenas: Orange Bowl (The Housekeeper)/lucky after orange bowl (dateline miami)/astrodome (Truth Will Out)/more fight caesars palace (golden moments)/beatles shea stadium (commitments)/home court adv (little sister)/

  7. Relationships: football jersey (mammy)/College Ball (problem like sophia)/dating quarterback (mr. george devereaux)/capt football team (bloom off rose)/coach wilkins (illegitimate concerns)/quarterback story (fiddler)/dolphins coach (rose the prude)/Ham football (one got away)/Exercycle (Melodrama)/cross country skiing (mother load)

Minisode 1 (1): Miami Pro sports history: baseball team in tampa (outta here)

Minisode 2: Did I ever tell you I slept with Babe Ruth

SEASON 4 (66)

  1. Phil Rizzuto (foreign exchange & triple play)/bunt sign yankees (mr terrific)/yankee caps (bringing baby)

  2. Euphemisms: life is a sportspage (sick and tired)/Exceptional control (twice in a lifetime)/dismount & points (zborn again)/Amer Gladiators (look me over)/sophia put me in coach (girls just wanna)/tackled on the one yard line (miles to go)/prison rodeo (job hunting)/oiling baseball glove/phil & dating jockeys (all bets)

  3. Jimmy the greek (ma makes three)/Phyllis George (no lady)/Dolphins locker room/baseball uni/at bat(stand man)/Bob Costas (twice lifetime)/Super Bowl pub (little romance)

  4. Kids games: Stickball (Clinton ave)/little league (Dorothy in guess who/Rose in second motherhood/dorothy in all bets)/peanuts baseball-tom whedon (cheaters)/Softball game (Yokel Hero)/buy on stick at halftime (rites of spring)/globetrotters (witness)/children throw baseballs (wheres charlie)

  5. newman races cars/harold gould (bloom off rose)/race car driver (curse wedding present)/monaco gp (libertine belle)/home team/composer-team (dancing dark)

  6. Steve Garvey’s baby/joe pepitone (whose face)/Miles batting cage (girls wanna fun)/More padding than Johnny Bench (brotherly love)/out of the park disney land (look me over)/Lasorda (to catch a neighbor)

  7. tip o’neill volleyball (beep beep)/attica volleyball (strange bed)/naked volleyball (valentine)/Jai Alai (blanche younger & Take him)/soccer (triple play and blanche’s little)

  8. Addendums Part I: Milk diving/mud wrestling/manage the team(brotherly love)/Friday Night Fights (one for money); Handball (mother load)

  9. Addendums Part II: willie shoemaker (golden moments)/Golf/video games (Rose Portrait); Scratch golfer (love for sale)/Shotput (Questions and Answers)/Dolphins linebacker (who’s face)jamaican bobsled (rose adventure) / blanche marathon (the flu)

  10. Greyhound racing Sophia dog track & Coco (Engagement)/lost at the track (truth will out)/raoul dog track (the flu)/blanche dog races (great expectations)/dog track (room 7)

  11. Golden Palace (New leash on life)

Episode 33: I Think Your Sport Stinks

Episode 33: I Think Your Sport Stinks